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Pretty impressive for a standard fight with sprites! :o
i say.. this is a fine animation without too many michael bay stuff going on.
Love the small shoryuken at the end after knocking out Sigma's first form x)

5 E-tanks and still looking good up to this day! =)

Great Animation!
It totaly makes me to join newgrounds for a reason.. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )

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I remember playing this sucker when i was 10 or 11, it was fun and the hard mode was a pretty good way to challenge yourself if you get hang of it the bosses.
This is get the NOSTALIGIC STAMP of approval, despice the setbacks of here and there and the ending was pretty damn funny. )b

ChildHood.. <3

Time has changed..

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Hot damn! One of my fav dubstep vocalist has made his move into NG?! This is kicker.
And wow, you started adding my favourite track of yours. Thanks Pso.

Nice to see you on NG, let's hope the audio portal moderators see you and scout you so your submitted tracks can appear into the audio portal frontpage once they gain lots of listens.
Again, glad seeing you in NG.
Enjoy your stay!

That was strangely satisfying..
Gotta listen to this once and a while. xP

Interesting take on the piece, Delerium.
i loved the bass!

One of the first few newgrounds audio pieces that i ever listenned in the NG audio portal while being in the age of 10-11, it takes me way baaaaack and this man has made a legacy imo along with other NG big names.
I still love the tone/feel of this track till' this day.

Thank you, NightHawk22.

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cartoon in a cartoon?! :O

that's .. kool!

Wondermeow responds:


That's one good looking jerry i've ever seen.. That's some pretty handy drawing there..
Good job!


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